Someone once asked me “Does God love all people including sinners?” I answered ” yes”. Then he continued ” then why does he promise to distroy every sinner at last??” I then told him that “God will not distroy anyone. He will distroy sin then sin will distroy its fortress which is every soul that hide it. If you leave your sin a distance you will see it being distroyed alone. But if you keep it with you, you will surely die with it”

God surely loved everything He created. My bible says God created human with His own image. He gave us His breath and gave us dominion over everything on earth. We are the ones who gave everything a name. We were created special to rule the world not to be ruled by the world. Many people get it confused when comes to the authority we have. We are given every authority to act as god amongst other things that God created. So we as gods of other things. Animals bow down to us they listen and worship us. We have that power to control them. But some people doesnt take their responsibilities to rule over other things but instad they end up worshiping those things making them their gods. We were created only to worship one God not to worship what we own. Thats why even if an animal or a tree doesnt do what you like you end up distroying it. You distroy its uselessness not that you hate the name of it. Thats what God will do to sinners. He will distroy their sin but he cant reach that sin alone if its in you. Better you stay away from sin and God will show you how much He love you. He is a loving God. He is love. But the devil as an opposite of God he is hatred. So he dicided an easy way to distroy human. He planted a sinful mind in every human being, so that people must be distroyed by that sin. He was the prince of the beauties of which he uses his talent to kill people softly. he knows that if your soul accept his beauties you will be surely distroyed by them. It takes a Spiritual heart which will keep the Word and allow being led by the Holy Spirit.
We thank God who sent His loving Son to come and win for us. Its now upto us to grab God’s favor through the Holy Spirit because Jesus already fought for us. HOW GREAT IS HIS LOVE. We must also love as we are loved. Lets love one another brethren and stop being conceitful cause Jesus himself was not conceitful. Being God he humbled Himself till death. Dont think you are better than your brother because God have a better plan for him. AMEN

“Call upon my Name and I will answer you and show you great and hidden things” says the Lord Jehovah.
Surely God answers every prayer. It only takes a wise and Spiritual heart to see and work according to how He show up His way of doing things. His answer might be YES or WAIT. The only problem with people is that if you see nothing happening immediately after prayer you think God didnt answer. If we had little faith we must have made many miracles as we like but the only problem is that we dont want to give our hearts and trust to God. Yet we say God doesnt answer us. His ear is wide open to hear all your prayers and his eyes are open to see even your heart. His hand streches to help every believer.
Eish I dont know how to say it because Im not a blogger or writer but its inside me,… good people. I wish you could get it the way God want it to be revealed to you.
Some people end up leaving the gospel saying God doesnt exist because of lack of faith. They dont get what they want because they dont wait for the right time to come. WAIT AND PRAY is what Jesus told his disciples. By being patient they ended up receiving the power of the Holy Spirit of which they even began to gain faith as God show His presence amongst them. Fewer are called like St Paul… my brothren,… whom God stroke him with blindness and fasted 3 days and 3 nights then got the power of the Holy Spirit. But mostly it takes patience to have faith and see Gods hand working in your life. We all have goodies waiting for us in His Kingdom. Please brothren just come and test His Kingdom only by praying and waiting in prayer. Some people just pray for 2 days and expect an answer. When God say wait they go insulting Him saying He doesnt exist hahaha… God is great. Job waited in prayer during hard times. I even remember him saying in deep sorrow that “I know my redeemer lives”
Its never easy and smooth to work for God. People think if you accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour you are free from troubles, forgeting that everry temptations brings trouble to ones life. Only the patient shall be called holy because they will gain faith from waiting for God’s Glory.
I really feel like revealing it but Im not good at writing. Wish God would reveal it to you Himself
I pray God to make you see your answer like Hezekiah who request the earth to rewind ten steps around the sun. God changed the normal working of universe only because of His faithfull one who waited in prayer for so long and had power to tell God not to take him so soon. 2 kings 20.

I feel like worshiping and praise His name because He is the Alpha and Omega. I dont excactly know what is coming on my way but I feel like something big is coming on my way. And I really believe in Jehovah. He went with Israelites through hardship in the wilderness though they turn to worship other gods but His Word remained the same. He took them to the promised land. He was always trying to make them believe that He is YHWH. He forgave them in their evil and made Himself known to them so that they must glorify Him. Good people of my living God. Lets worship Him because He is worthy. I dont know whats gonna happen but I feel like praising His Holy Name. Some people might think Im mad but I like being Godly mad indeed. May the Grace of God be with those who maditate on His word each and everyday. They will receive the real mana from above. They will be blessed in everything they touch. I declare His power upon those who seek His face. He said they will never suffer any hardship.
My dearest brethren… God is Love. He will never leave nor forsake us. Unless if we leave His presence and live according to fleshly desires. But He will always reward those who seek His face with whole heart.
May grace be upon you all thank you

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